Need Some Inspiration?

Sometimes something sounds amazing, but you can’t quite put your finger on how it would taste or how to use it? Or are you looking for something that’s unique for your next platter or baking adventure?

Don’t worry our serving suggestions will have you inspired to delight your taste buds with new gourmet flavours in exciting new ways in no time!


As always, our jams are amazing on toast or in sandwiches, most of them can be used as a topper for yogurt and muesli, pavlova, used to make a tart or pie or served with scones with cream.  Check out some of our favourite ways of using jam below:

  • Pear & Ginger – goes well with your pork roast 
  • Raspberry – filling for sponge cake or pudding
  • Rhubarb & Strawberry – try a spoonful in your lemonade
  • Strawberry – in a sponge cake with fresh cream, or add it to your smoothie
  • Wild Plum – serve warmed on your Christmas pudding or spread on pastry before baking for a delicious treat


Sticking to tradition, our jellies are a great companion for meats, your favourite kind of toast or bagel. Check out some of our top ways of using jellies below:

  • Crab Apple – serve with roast pork or cheese, and crackers
  • Quince – perfect addition to any platter, pairs with any type of cheese
  • Rhubarb & Rose Geranium – This is a very delicate flavor that resembles Turkish Delight without the chocolate; goes well with cheese, or mixed into brownie mixture before baking


Add a dash of something zestful to your next slice of toast or sandwich. Or looking for something to make your next sponge cake or batch of cookies unique and yummy? Mix in or spread over your next savoury delight to take your dish to the next level! Check out how our team is adding some zest to life:

  • Cumquat – Spread on pork crackling instead of salt before baking for a zesty, salty dream
  • Grapefruit & Mandarin – mix with cream and use as a filler in muffins
  • Lemon – spread on toast and add honey for a sweet and sour bite


Looking to spice up a meal of feel like something missing?  Maybe you just want an easy 5-minute meal – our Relishes have got you covered.  Mix in with eggs or your favourite vegetable and tofu mix for a quick and healthy scramble – or add to your breakfast muffin or burger!  Check out how our team are adding some spice to their meals below:

  • Green Tomato Pickle – Add to your favourite burger to add some tang
  • Piccalilli – to complete your home-made Ploughman’s lunch
  • Tomato Kasundi – add to a ham sandwich or mix in with Greek yoghurt for a delicious dip
  • Zucchini – add to your  salad wrap for a savoury treat


Who doesn’t love a great sauce for their sandwiches, wraps and rolls, or with their favourite hot food or homemade sausage roll? Well, the uses for our sauces don’t stop there! You can also use as a marinade for your meat or vegetables over night or toss to coat before cooking, mix and match to make your own custom flavours from our range! Check out some of our team’s way of getting saucy below:

  • Dragon’s Breath Chili – mix with aioli for a delicious hot & creamy sandwich sauce
  • Lime Chili – use as a salad dressing
  • Sweet Chili, Garlic & Ginger – mix with sour cream to use as topping on wedges

Dessert Sauces

These delicacies are your new secret ingredient for fondues and milk shakes. Check out some of the ways we’re sweetening up our everyday life below:

  • Lemon Crepe – use on top of pancakes with berries and banana
  • Strawberry & Ginger – drizzle over warm chocolate cake