Family – are those you choose to love and that chose to love you.. most of the time.

Here at Beth’s Garden Delights we don’t just say that we are a family run business – we are one! Beth has started from the ground and built the business up and slowly but surely everyone in the family has stepped in to lend a helping hand and make this dream a reality! Scroll though the section below where we introduce our lovely team, and where they fit into the family, their skills and personal adventures in life.

Where it all began, creator, founder, chef, picker, admin, manufacturing and everything in between – meet Beth!
There is no job that is to great or to small for Beth – and no one that can teach you how to do it better. She is the master mind behind this operation.
Beth has been enjoying and growing in the garden and kitchen her entire life and is one of her biggest joys to share those with all.

Here’s Mike – Not only is Mike Beth’s life partner in good bad and the ugly – but when he’s not busy assisting with his local council and community you can find him working hard on garden maintenance, assisting with deliveries, packing for the markets and working second to Sir Archie – who you’ll meet soon!

A Big Warm Welcome from Michael and Lyndal!

For our IT Solutions Support Manager, no computer stands a chance! From basic trouble shooting to over looking and advising website programming and maintenance he’s our go to guy. When Michael is not assisting his mum, he’s running an IT services business that he started over 20 years ago.  The company generally provide managed services to small to medium businesses.  If you’re in the market, check him out at

The other side to this pair is the Lyndal, when she is not in Beth’s kitchen assisting, out delivering or for filling purchase orders, she spends her time working with individuals with special needs, with a focus on those who are gifted or twice-exceptional. If you need any advice, counseling, assessments, or really anything in this realm, please get in contact via to see where she can help.

Meet Bell & Aidan
These two are busy little bee’s – expert labelers, food preparation assistants, delivery drivers, market helpers, fruit pickers and much much more. Between this dynamic duo of grandchildren no task is impossible!

Ladies first – When Bell isn’t helping out her Grandma, much like her mum and Grandma she loves getting InTouch with her creative side drawing and designing – but also runs a small art business! Check her out here –

Meanwhile – Boys will be boys, and as they should! Aidan is following his adventurous side, in-between travels around Australia he returns home to visit his family and help his Grandma around the garden and kitchen.

We are more then pleased to introduce Nessa and Archie!

Nessa is the creative side of our operation – and she has her hands full! Nessa is not only a full time intuitive artist, creator, healer, wife and mother of 3 who lives on a farm outside of Yass but she does this all while being on call for her mum at all times, She is also our go to for for all wordsmith, and creative concept needs and support!
Follow her journey here – or

Of course we have left the most important job up to our littlest and cutest team member – taste testing and quality control! Nothing gets past Archie at Grandma’s with out a question and where possible- a taste!

And last be certainly not least – this is Belinda!

Some may think Belinda is Barking mad – but that’s the way we like it! We can trust that she will always keep team moral high, provide laughs and entertainment but most importantly, she’s her mum’s personal counselor and ranting officer!
If you love dogs then follow Belinda’s adventures as a dog-tor and checkout her hilarious videos here